2018 OutLoud Registration Page


The OutLoud 2018 heats will be held at Mueller Hall, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Birdwood Avenue, Tuesday and Wednesday 7 & 8 August. We will be in touch with schools with full details on times shortly.

Option 1

School Registration

$275 plus GST

What do you get from a registration?

  • Registration enables a group of students from your school to be in the 2018 OutLoud Eco!Slam Schools Slam Poetry Competition. Heats and the Final are held in August as part of Melbourne Writers Festival 2018.
  • Every registration includes a comprehensive teachers’ kit, provided on payment, and a 12 month digital subscription for the teacher.


Option 2

School Registration & 90 Mins Workshop with Slam Poet-Teacher

$ 675 – $100 AP subsidy = $575 plus GST 

  • There is a limit of 30 students for each workshop booked.
  • To book additional workshops, please add $400 per workshop to the above fee.
  • If you are a regional school with at-school workshop, add $50 for travels costs = $625 total plus GST
Option 3

90 Mins Workshop with a Slam Poet-Teacher at The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

This option is for those schools Year 2 up who do not want to compete in the Slam but want a workshop. Workshops for up to 30 students each cost $450.

June Workshop dates are:

  • Tue, 19 
  • Thur, 21
  • Fri, 22
  • Mon, 25
  • Tue, 26
  • Wed, 27

Three workshops run in a day at the following times: 

  • 10.00-11.30
  • 12.00-1.30
  • 2.00-3.30


What happens in a workshop?

  • In 2018, for the first time, competing schools are strongly encouraged to visit the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria in Melbourne CBD or Cranbourne for an exciting on-site workshop with a contemporary Australian poet. Alternatively, you can book a poet to visit your school. Visiting poets will conduct a 90 min workshop with a maximum of 30 students. Students will create, write, perform and choreograph a two-minute poem for performance in a mini slam at the end of the session.

Australian Poetry offers a $100 subsidy for each workshop for schools registered for the OutLoud 2018 competition to reduce outlay for participating schools.


Phone enquiries: 0414 410 548


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