Cafe Poets in 2014

Are you a writer? A poet? Someone who loves the culture of cafes and coffee?

The Cafe Poet Program has been instrumental in placing poets in cafes as ‘poets in residence’  since 2009.  Poets are given space to write and given complimentary tea and/or coffee and have access to a dedicated facebook page to get connected with other poets in the program. In return the cafe gets to be part of this community, promotion on our website and social media and the opportunity to plan events with the poet, enriching the cultural life of the cafe. The number of hours spent in the cafe by the poet is as mutually agreed.

The program has been a huge success, with poets producing anthologies of their work and taking part in events and readings while reaching out to members of the public who might otherwise not have much exposure to poetry. Over the years, poets have become more or less fixtures in their chosen cafe.

Becoming a cafe poet is simple. All you need to do is:

1. Contact a cafe and make arrangements.

2. Tell us.  We’ll need your contact details and a contact email and name for the cafe. Please forward to

3. We’ll send you a Cafe Poet poster to place in the cafe, or some postcards for you and/or their customers to use to make wonderful poetry.

4. You can hook up with other Cafe Poets on our facebook page.

5. And we’ll always be on hand to answer any questions you or your cafe may have.

The Cafe Poets Program is open to Australian Poetry members only. Sign up now at:



Australian Capital Territory

Hazel S Hall – Bignello Espresso

Andrew Galan – Urban Food Store

Fiona Mcllroy – Joey´s Kitchen

New South Wales

Anna Westbrook – Mr Falcon Bar







Peter Langston – Cafe 234

Claine Kelly – Berkelouw Books

Ron Wilkins – Cafe Beehive Beecroft







Mark Liston- Sproket Roasters

Janette Dadd  - The Reading Room Cafe


Margaret Owen Ruckert – Nude Cafe, Lugarno





Joshua Mei-Ling Dubrau – Owls Cafe



Jessie Tu – Well Connected Cafe in Glebe


Lyn Vellins – Hive Cafe

Kate Toon- Gnostic Mana Woy Woy









Northern Territory

Kimberley Mann – The Water Tank Cafe

Laurie May- Page 27



Angela Gardner – Queensland Art Gallery Cafe








Robin Archbold – Le Jardin Garden Centre Cafe










Carly – Jay Metcalfe – Black Star Coffee


The Dust Poet- Mary Ryan’s bookstore and Cafe 
South Australia

Mark Niehus – Zed’z Cafe


Alysha Herrmann – Sprouts Cafe

Jennifer Liston – Evida


Indigo Eli – The Croydon Store






Geoffrey Prince – Magpie Cafe Upwey

Koraly Dimitriadis – The Brunswick St Bookstore


Marissa Johnpillai – Wooly Bully’s

Sofia Chapman- Open Studio


Michelle Dabrovski – Cafe No 5

Ezra Bix – Zappas Cafe

Bronwyn Lovell – Kinfolk Cafe

Marisa Fazio – The Terrace (Royal Botanic Gardens)

Miriam Dale – Brunswick Flour Mill







Mitchell Welch

Mitchell Welch – Make Your Mark









Benjamin IQ Sanders – Acustico Melbourne

craig coulson

Craig Kenneth Coulson – The Peddler











Elizabeth Beaton – Bartiste Lounge


Petr Malapanis – Tre Biccheiri

Western Australia


Trish Robinson – Old Bakery on Eighth Gallery and Cafe


Flora Smith – Old Bakery

Midge Avery- Laundry

Ruari Jack Hughes – La Tropicana

Lyn Reeves - Fuller's Bookstore - Hobart

Lyn Reeves – Fuller’s Bookstore – Hobart

Diane Caney – Chado The Way Of Tea