Axon: Creative Explorations is an international peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the characteristics of creativity and the creative process. It is published twice a year (usually in March and September) and encourages research into and discussion of the broad domain of creativity, including:

  • the methods and techniques of artists and other creative professionals
  • approaches to creative-led research and the theorisation of creative practice
  • the ways in which creative works are made and function
  • poetics and poetry, and
  • the cultural contexts and theoretical frameworks informing creative practice.

Axon 14 (April 2018): Speaking about creative practice

Poets, fiction writers and visual artists are known first through their public work, but behind that lies a life and a practice, a community and a context. This issue of Axon: Creative Explorations focuses entirely on contemporary interviews with these makers, acknowledging that face-to-face interviews generate spontaneity and intimacy while allowing the interviewer to probe for information of all kinds. It is a powerful written form, as evidenced by success of the long-running Paris Review series Writers at Work. This issue of Axon includes

  • Conversations between creative writers and artists in the same or in different forms
  • Interviews exploring the background of creative practitioners
  • Interviews exploring how creative artists think themselves into their work
  • Conversations about how artists and writers understand the work of being an artist and their approaches to the creative process

The deadline for submissions is 31 October 2017, and the proposed publication date is April 2018.

Submit here.

This issue will be edited by Paul Hetherington, Jen Webb and Cassandra Atherton