by Magan Magan


The sweaty boy in my class told me his father loves the woman next door.


I saw my daddy put his hand
underneath that woman’s skirt.


She said, “Stop that” and pointed to his
Creeping hand.
He made her tilt her head and
open her mouth. Until it was the size of a
full moon. She had mist moving through the
gaps of her teeth. Her breath quickening. It
could house my sorrow. She sounded like a
dying cow.
She said don’t but his hand continued to walk.
During playtime, I saw the sweaty boy pulling down girl’s dresses. I know what
love is he said, it is silence and yes and no.




Magan Magan is a Melbournian writer. His work focuses on the experiences of being an in-betweener. Covering topics surrounding belonging, love, loss and shame. Magan has read his work at the National Gallery of Victoria and in Newcastle as part of the National Young Writers Festival. His work has been published in Hyde magazine as well as in the anthology Shots From The Chamber and Hunter Anthology of Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry. He also has work published in the 2016 literary arts journal Offset. He facilitates a fortnightly writing circle supported by Australian Poetry. He is an intern at ‘The Lifted Brow’. Magan is currently working on his first collection of poems titled Writing Shame Away.

‘When Love is Taught By Men with Wet Tongues’ by Magan Magan was first published in Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry edited by Bonny Cassidy and Jessica L. Wilkinson, Hunter Publishers (2016).