Sunday 6 May, 11:30am | Carriageworks

Sydney Writers’ Festival

Artist, activist and poet Cleo Wade is a writer who aims to empower, motivate and inspire. The Heart Talk author sits down with journalist and The Motherhood editor Jamila Rizvi, Sour Heart author Jenny Zhang, and Peach novelist Emma Glass for a riveting and wide-ranging discussion about matters of the heart.

As old power structures are dismantled, new voices emerge: voices telling stories ignored or suppressed by the establishment; voices that tell of different experiences in honest, uncompromising ways; voices that insist, finally, that they will be heard.

Some of the most brilliant female thinkers will tackle this year’s Festival topics – from creating inroads for women in tech to unpacking how science got women wrong and the precepts of modern feminism.

Alexis Okeowo shares from her 2018 PEN Open Book Award-winning work of literary journalism about fundamentalism in Africa; Tayari Jones speaks to Well-Read Black Girl founder Glory Edim about An American Marriage, her novel of love and racial injustice; and Pulitzer Prize winner Jennifer Egan interrogates the relationship between technology, fiction and reality at the Closing Address.

Read on to discover some of the most exciting emerging and established female voices on the program.