Ania Walwicz has published many collections of poetry including Writing, Boat, Red Roses, Elegant and Palace of Culture. Her work features in over 200 anthologies.

Happy Avatar by D.J. Huppatz, published by Puncher & Wattmann, ISBN: 9781922186898, $25 buy here.

D.J. Huppatz composes a mash-up, a fragmented collage soup of language that confronts us with it’s strangeness and unexpected juxtapositions. This alphabet is tasty and spicy and suggestive. The reader is placed in a half felt/seen spot of associative distortion and dis/engagement that the Dada invented. The ominous landscape of Kurt Schwitters is here, a glimpse of a reversed world of collage, montage, decoupage.

A mingled, mangled mix of words that create a destabilised reading of the current shifting world where meaning is free-floating, without anchor or mooring. The multiple narrators speak through the reader. The world of D.J. is vanishing, collapsing, sharing it’s nature with “Alice in Wonderland”, current media and a game of linguistic deviance, play and transposition.

Men are programming the future in the present, perfect tense. Once seen, cannot unseen.…

If I don’t delete it, I’m still gonna be here, right?…

Simultaneous, discordant effects take effect. This poetic statement has the resonance of Cheshire cat of disappearance of shared logic. Mischievous play acts as the prankster here. Everything is up-ended. The furniture of language is attached to the ceiling of this poetic house.

Sometimes when I say “I found that funny and now I feel like a horrible person.

Hey, guess what? Cecil Rhodes friended me.

This dark suit means business.

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We have Ern Malley here, a reflection on the poetic process and an individual voice that mocks the serious, sonorous concepts of official poetics. D.J. perfects the model of unspeak, deflect, multiplication of meaning. This is an informed, ironic model of poetics that forces the reader to re-examine their thoughts.

A poet is someone who brings outlet mall glamour to indoor swap meets.

Reversals, ambiguities, physiological poetry that enacts  embodiment, all is examined, unwound and unravelled, including cultural values. Language is undone, scattered, shattered and removed from its pedestal. D.J.Huppatz is writing jokes, puns, poetic cartoons. And there is a sense of our perverse world here.

The pizza cheese principle of reality…

We’re sorry about what’s going to happen …

Place a bet on the middle class to grow your poetry, but make sure that the system attaches your voice to the right news…