Submissions: open 30 September 2021. They close at 11:59pm 28 October 2021.

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Published with the support of Australia Council for the Arts Projects Grant 2020 and Creative Victoria multi-year funding. The volume will also include other articles. Designer is Stuart Geddes. Publisher is Jacinta Le Plastrier.

A Note from the Guest Editors, Bella Li and Corey Wakeling:


Poetry of ambition and/or disobedience will neither console you to lockdown nor release you from it. Poetry of disobedience and/or ambition will neither serve an existing paradigm nor launch you out of it. Poetry of ambition and/or disobedience will be poetry of desire (for difficult crossings, for vertiginous dreams, for the impossible). Poetry of disobedience and/or ambition will be poetry of resistance (to ease, to hot baths and screens, to the impossible).


We might take this moment to observe the light that falls, in our present moment, on our compromised ambition, on what we used to think of as the true, sincere disobedience; the centre has become all, and it cannot hold. We do not know where you are and you do not know where we are, so send us your impossible desires and vertiginous resistances – and perhaps we will go somewhere within/without, together.

Submissions: Open 30 September 2021 and close 28 October 2021.

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Formal Guidelines

  • Submissions sent outside the set reading dates will not be read or considered.
  • Poets, both Australian-born or international, are invited to submit, in one email, up to three poems. Requirements for consideration are: each poem must be sent in both doc and pdf formats. A bio must be included. We suggest you alert the guest editors to your identity in this regard in the email body, if you wish to. The pdf versions are used for proofing purposes. Only three poems will be considered by any one poet so please do not submit more. The word.doc bio would be up to 50 words and includes your contact (phone, postal address, email) details.
  • Also please specify, for our statistical purposes, if you are a subscriber to Australian Poetry. Poems are chosen by the editor/s on merit and there is no advantage given to subscribers. Subscription however is strongly encouraged as it makes our publications viable and vital. If you are not yet a subscriber, please subscribe here.
  • We are committed to prompt turnaround on the reading of poems. All poets who submit within the guideline submission dates will be contacted with acceptance notices ONLY. If you are not contacted, this means regrettably that your poetry was not selected.
  • Published poems will be paid at $127.50 flat rate per poem.
  • APJ in 2017 introduced a submissions policy, with its new guest editor model, where the guest editor/s can organise submission for a number of poets directly each volume.
  • All poems submitted must have been previously unpublished in print and not currently submitted elsewhere.
  • APJ requires that the use of any other work by another author in a submitted poem is clearly acknowledged and cited. The responsibility for this remains with the poet.

Bella Li is the author of Argosy (Vagabond Press, 2017), Lost Lake (Vagabond Press, 2018) and Theory of Colours (Vagabond Press, 2021). She holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne and is the associate publisher at Cordite Books. Image by Leah Jing McIntosh.

Corey Wakeling lives in Takarazuka City in Japan. Corey is an associate professor of English at Kobe College. He is the author of three books of poems, most recently The Alarming Conservatory (Giramondo 2018). He is an active critic in the fields of modern and contemporary literature and performance studies. Beckett’s Laboratory: Experiments in the Theatre Enclosure (Methuen Drama 2021) is his first monograph.