Submissions close 11.59 PM AEST 17 May 2019. 

Australian Poetry Journal 8.2 (poetry guest edited by David Stavanger and Andrew Galan) is now available. Australian Poetry Anthology Vol 7 2019 will be available in May.

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This issue of APJ, with poetry guest curated by John Kinsella to the theme of ‘resist’, offers poets a safe zone, he says, to express their resistance to oppression in its many forms:

“This is an immediate response to environmental degradation verging on complete collapse, on issues of injustice and unfairness in our various social spaces, and a challenge to institutional bigotry, brutality, and indifference. Issues of injustice are not separate, but are in dialogue.


This issue works as a primary recognition and support for Aboriginal cultural and land rights, for an intense advocacy for the natural environment, for the rights of refugees and the celebration of cultural diversity, as an enactment for any whose voice is suppressed, for a resistance to violence and the arms industry, for animal and human rights. There is an ongoing, shared pursuit for justice in the making of poems. Resist! is intended to be an act of advocacy for the marginalised against the often silent (and sometime aggressively loud) majority’s desire for the ‘Australian’ status quo of nationalistic, Eurocentric, colonial (in its many derivations), officially empowered, consumer-orientated, language control, to be preserved. Resist! won’t have this. Resist! is a non-violent act of shifting and refusing language-controls. It is not one cause, but many causes, but all passionately and determinedly resist the power structures of oppression with the peaceful act of the poem-making and utterance. This is a collective of individual voices with resolve. These are poems of different ‘opinions’, but poems sharing a platform to speak out and be heard.”

Submissions: open 16 April 2019 and close 11.59 PM AEST 17 May 2019. (Publication date July 2019.) 

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Published with the support of Australia Council for the Arts Projects Grant 2019. The volume will also include reviews and articles. Publisher is Jacinta Le Plastrier.


Formal Guidelines

  • Submissions sent outside the set reading dates will not be read or considered.
  • Poets, both Australian-born or international, are invited to submit, in one email, up to three poems. Requirements for consideration are: each poem must be sent in both word.doc and pdf formats. The pdf versions are used for proofing purposes. Only three poems will be considered by any one poet so please do not submit more. Please also send a word.doc bio of up to 50 words and your contact (phone, postal address, email) details.
  • Also please specify, for our statistical purposes, if you are a subscriber to Australian Poetry. Poems are chosen by the editor/s on merit and there is no advantage given to subscribers. Subscription however is strongly encouraged as it makes our publications viable and vital. If you are not yet a subscriber, please subscribe here.
  • We are committed to prompt turnaround on the reading of poems. All poets who submit within the guideline submission dates will be contacted in June with acceptance notices ONLY. If you are not contacted, this means regrettably that your poetry was not selected.
  • Published poems, selected from submissions, will be paid at $80 flat rate per poem.
  • APJ in 2017 introduced a submissions policy, with its new guest editor model, where the guest editor/s can organise submission for a number of poets directly each volume.
  • All poems submitted must have been previously unpublished in print and not currently submitted elsewhere.
  • APJ requires that the use of any other work by another author in a submitted poem is clearly acknowledged and cited. The responsibility for this remains with the poet.


John Kinsella at Gathercole Nature Reserve, Western Australia. Photo by Tracy Ryan.

John Kinsella is the author of many volumes of poetry, including Peripheral light: New and Selected Poems (WW Norton/Fremantle Press), Jam Tree Gully (WW Norton), Drowning in Wheat: Selected Poems (Picador) and most recently, Open Door (UWAP), the final volume of his Jam Tree Gully trilogy. He  has written numerous books of fiction and criticism, including Polysituatedness (Manchester University Press) edited others, and taught poetry and literature in a number of countries. He has published six collections of short fiction, including In the Shade of the Shady Tree (Ohio University Press) and Crow’s Breath (Transit Lounge), and his experimental novels include Postcolonial (Papertiger Media) and Lucida Intervalla (UWAP). His a a Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge University, and Professor of Literature and Environment at Curtin University. He lives mostly in the Western Australian wheatbelt on Ballardong Noongar land, and is a committed environmental and social activist and a vegan anarchist pacifist of well over three decades. He frequently works in collaboration with other practitioners and activists.