Australian Poetry is throwing a Party and you and a guest are invited! As part of this year’s annual AP SubscriberDrive 2022, for the first time ever, each and every new or renewing Subscription, received from 28 November to midnight 10 December, will receive a SECOND free one-year AP Digital Subscription. This is for you to give to another person as a gift.


AP Subscribers are close to an all-time high but we still want to do this for you to express community, goodwill and give access to those who may not be able to afford subscriptions to journals at this time.


Jacinta, as our AP CEO, will be in touch with each and every one of you to get the details of the person for whom you will nominate this gift to be given. She will also send on a personal Thank-you, as every single one of our Subscribers is so deeply appreciated.


You can help us keep making poetry matter.


BUT there are many more Prizes—bookish and non-bookish– for new or renewing Subscribers if they join or rejoin over this time. Each new or renewing Subscription goes into draws for this incredible range of Prizes. AP, the AP Board, and Jacinta would like to thank our such generous Sponsors, who include the poetry publishers across Australia, and other amazing supporters of what we do. Outside books, the purchase of some prizes have been assisted by donations from AP Board Directors.


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Make your very own Chapbook—a one-on-one masterclass with Panda Wong

Comprises three x 1 hour sessions, which will be done via zoom, so winner can be located anywhere: 1. Create 2. Structure and Edit 3. Complete.

This gift pack is valued at $470 but for the lucky winner is completely free.


The Best of Australian Poems series to date, with ten winners receiving both the inaugural Best of Australian Poems 2021 volume and the just-arrived Best of Australian Poems 2022.


$100 book gift voucher from Booktopia, donated by AP Board Director Yvette Holt, and First Nations Australia Writers Network, of which Yvette is also Chairperson.


A free place (value $160) in online June 2023 all-day workshop with Gavin Yuan Gao on Grief in Poetry. AP is purchasing this place as a gift which is also subsidised by Writers Victoria.


Book-packs of recent releases are so precious and each year our much esteemed partners at Australia’s leading Poetry Publishing Houses donate to AP extensive sets for our SubscriberDrive.


To date these are as below, all as donations to AP:

Arelhekenhe Angkentye: Women’s Talk: Poems of Lyapirtneme from Arrernte Women in Central Australia (Second Edition, 2022). This gift is donated by RUNNING WATER COMMUNITY PRESS and Publisher, Maureen Jipiyiliya Nampijinpa O’Keefe.

The full 13 titles of subbed in’s publications to date.

Slow Loris Series 4 chapbooks (Puncher & Wattmann imprint)—Sian Vate, Panda Wong, Rory Green, Grace Heyer.

Puncher & Wattmann separate book-pack.

Giramondo’s book-pack of six recent titles: GooglecholiaMonster FieldHarvest LingoRevenantsRose Interior and Acanthus.

A 10-book set of recent collection from Cordite Books, including Harry Reid’s book of hours.

Groundswell: The Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize for New & Emerging Poets 2007-2020 (Ed. Toby Fitch for O L Society)

Two book-packs from UQP, including a copy of the best-selling DROPBEAR in each set.

Recent Work Press’s book-pack set.

A Rabbit Books book pack.

An extensive book-pack set from Spinifex, including the first collection of the late Jordie Albiston.

Two amazing releases from Upswell—the groundbreaking ADMISSIONS anthology and Sally Olds’ People who Lunch: essays on work, leisure and loose living.

Wakefield Press’ just-released Heather Taylor-Johnson collection.

Poet Laureates of Melbournedonated by Melbourne UNESCO City of Literature Office.


Overland Print Subscription, one-year, as a gift from Overland, RRP $60.


Pommery Champagne, RRP $73.


23rd Street Distiller Violet Gin, RRP $84.99


A $50 Bunnings plant voucher.


A $50 Rebel sports voucher.


Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Dry London Spirit, RRP $48.99.


For three winners, the extraordinarily beautiful small notebooks by FLEXIS (RRP, $20.99 each).


For more winners, Revolution’s SophX eyecolour set (with glittering colours), Casa Bella bath soaks, L’Occitane soaps and Christmas pack.