• Queensland Writers Centre Stanley Place South Brisbane, QLD, 4101 Australia (map)


Harness associative leaps to craft poems that are distinctly yours.

Associative leaps are personal connections in our mind that are not logical. In poetry, associative leaps, or ‘conceptual’ leaps, use the unpredictable connections you are already making constantly. They can help your poetry to extend its metaphors more conceptually and go beyond word choice alone.

In this workshop we will start from everyday places or objects and see where they take us as we move further away. We will introduce to each other poetic images that are related through sequence, but that find new life in their new, shortened form. You will finish this workshop with one or more poems that are surprising, highly individualised, and perhaps even satisfyingly disorientating.

Unavailable to make it in person? You can also watch this workshop via online live stream! Live stream tickets are available here.

Learning Outcomes:

You will learn how to:

  • Easily generate unique poetic images from targeted prompts.

  • Build your editing confidence to rearrange and experiment with your original poem draft.

  • Create a poem that is surprising and evocative through its use of illogical but complementary imagery.


This is a hybrid workshop with a focus on craft; it is a live stream recording of a face-to-face workshop. It is a level 2 course, suitable for intermediate writers and above.

More information on program formats and level definitions can be found here.


More info here: https://queenslandwriters.org.au/events/make-your-poetry-leap