This month, Giramondo releases two new books – the debut novel by Max Easton, and a compelling and tender collection of poems by Eunice Andrada.

Writing about The Magpie Wing, Easton notes, ‘Sometimes I say it’s about rugby league families of south-west Sydney, other times the discovery of subcultural punk communities in the inner city…But maybe at its heart is a depiction of the very specific generation who grew up to witness the repercussions of: the advent of the internet, the end of the Cold War, the rampant privatisation of Australian state services, the accelerating rate of gentrification in Sydney, 9/11 and the GFC, the financialisation of everything, and the rise of a new social consciousness adjacent to the end of history.’

TAKE CARE is Andrada’s second collection with Giramondo following her 2018 book Flood Damages, which won the Anne Elder Award for a first poetry collection. ‘It is difficult to live in the “after” of sexual assault when empire reminds you time and time again – through the broken justice system, the news, and the stories of people you care about – that what was done to you doesn’t matter,’ she says in an author note. ‘Through the writing of these poems, I’ve tried to map out what it means to live in the “after” while holding the weapons of rage, hope and desire.’