OutLoud Secondary Digital Slam! 2020 Final

After much thought and process Australian Poetry have again decided to come together with Emilie Zoey Baker to present our youth poetry slam competition, OutLoud. For the first time, we are also partnering with the amazing Wheeler Centre, to livestream a Slam Final in October.



We’re passionate about offering students the opportunity to have their voices heard in this unique moment in time and we feel like we had to make it happen.

We feel poetry is an excellent way for students to communicate with their peers and the wider community so they can be seen and heard (OUTLOUD!) and we just know their content is going to be amazing.

We will be entering students in three categories:

Year 7-8

Year 9

And Years 10-12

The deadline for entries is September 7th 2020.

To cover costs we still need to charge a fee of $302.50 (incl GST) per school. However, you can enter up to ten students as INDIVIDUALS or a single team of up to three students. Parents can also enter children individually at $27.50 (inc GST) per student. The entries will be assessed by a professional panel of judges and feedback will be ensured in the initial round of judging.

If your school makes it into the top ten there will be a livestreamed digital event (post book week) on Wednesday, 28 October, 6.15 pm – 7.45 pm. This is the first time we are having an evening event – opening it up to a larger audience. This event will also be available online for playback.

The top schools will be published on the Australian Poetry website and there will be great prizes as usual – including the winning school having the opportunity (subject to C-Virus impacts) to perform at the finals for the National Australian Slam Final, and a radio interview.

For 2020 slam workshops and presentations, please contact Emilie Zoey Baker directly on: furiouscowgirl@gmail.com

The rules:

  1. Videos must not go any longer that three mins.
  2. Any video format will be accepted, students may film their poems however they like as long as the content is the original work of the students.
  3. Poems can be filmed on a phone, flip camera or VHS, we don’t mind! (We also know there probably won’t be a VHS entry lol)
  4. Students may edit and format the videos however they wish, TikTok poems, insta poems, or just plain yelling into the phone.
  5. They can get as creative as they like.
  6. No music may be used in the video unless it’s made with the human body (beatboxing, clapping, clicking ect)
  7. Poems may be on any subject, presented individually or in groups of up to 6.
  8. The deadline for entries is September 7th 2020.


We love our friendly other partners who have worked with this project in past years. These include Express Media and Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria who will assist with 2020 OutLoud!, being part of the professional judging panel. The Cultural Fund will support judges’ fees for the Final.

To enter, please fill out the form below:

Please make payments via PayPal to accounts@australianpoetry.org or if you need to invoice us, please email accounts@australianpoetry.org and we will send you an invoice asap.

$302.50 (incl GST) Schools

$27.50 (incl GST) Individuals