Our People

Australian Poetry is headed by poet, publisher and editor Jacinta Le Plastrier, who works alongside Managing Editor Adalya Nash Hussein and, on AP Socials and website, Jennifer Nguyen.

The organisation’s national festival program is curated by Jacinta, Adalya and Jen also with the ADs of major and emerging literary festivals around the country.

Our small group is peopled (mostly) by poets, who are interested in refreshing, exciting and stimulating ways to showcase, share and support poetry.

Designers are Chirs Edwards and Sophie Gaur.

We actively seek your feedback and suggestions about Australian Poetry and our programs.

Jacinta Le Plastrier

CEO, Publisher

+61 3 9094 7829


Adalya Nash Hussein

Managing Editor



Jennifer Nguyen

Australian Poetry Comms, Socials, Website

Enquiries, via: ceo@australianpoetry.org



Australian Poetry Journal now operates on rotating co-editorships, queries can be sent to: