Subbed In is an independent literary organisation and small press based in Sydney. 

After the success of 2017’s callout, they are running the Subbed In Chapbook Prize again this year with a focus on emerging and marginalised voices. 

Submissions are welcome at, Ibis House.  IBIS HOUSE is an online literararararararararararararararary journal. Why all the extra a’s and r’s? Well, tbh, why not? 

In a nutshell (are we still putting things in nutshells?), we’re interested in enshrining literarararararararararararararararature (whatever that means) that quietly(/loudly) shatters universes(/hellscapes), robs us of breath (also known as ‘breath burglars’), writing that eviscerates and rebuilds, sets hearts chortling. We offer readers the opportunity to ‘tip’ authors after reading their work. If you’d like to submit something, please have a looksee at our submission guidelines. We pay contributors and publish content on a rolling basis.