APJ 12.2 ‘suite, sequence’ is a query into form rather than theme. It presents an uncommon chance to showcase a greater body of work than journals tend to allow for. Where a suite gathers poems that riff on the same subject, it is harder to pin down what a sequence achieves. It can be iterative. It can be discursive, balancing unlike parts. It can combine, and I encourage it, images or visual elements.

As a reader I disobediently create my own sequences. The times I’ve read a book of poems from start to finish are almost never – I’d rather seek my own route in. It occurs to me that books (and journals) are a technology that sequences – we turn and turn and turn.

Are we stuck in repetition? Despite our best efforts? There’s the danger in the proposition.


Submissions: open 13 FEBRUARY 2023. They close at 11:59pm 15 MARCH 2023.




Emily Stewart is a poet and freelance editor. Her recent collection Running time (Vagabond, 2022) was awarded the Helen Anne Bell Poetry Award. She lives and works on Wangal land.


Photo credit: Lucy Parakhina


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Submissions: open 13 FEBRUARY 2023. They close at 11:59pm 15 MARCH 2023.


Formal Guidelines

  • Submissions sent outside the set reading dates will not be read or considered.
  • Poets, both Australian-born or international, are invited to submit, in one email, a sequence or suite of max. 10 pages. There may be the need if your poetry is selected for extracts only to be published.
  • Requirements for consideration are: the poetry must be sent in both doc and pdf formats. A bio must be included. We suggest you alert the guest editor to how your identity relates to the theme, in the email body, only if you wish toThe pdf versions are used for typesetting purposes. Only 10 pages will be considered by any one poet so please do not submit more. The word.doc bio can be 50-80 words and includes your contact (phone, postal address, email) details.
  • Also please specify, for our statistical purposes, if you are a subscriber to Australian Poetry. Poems are chosen by the editor/s on merit and there is no advantage given to subscribers. Subscription however is strongly encouraged as it makes our publications viable and vital. If you are not yet a subscriber, please subscribe here.
  • We are committed to prompt turnaround on the reading of poems. Only poets who are selected will be contacted after the reading time concludes in April.
  • Selected Contributors for the section of poems guest-edited by Emily will be paid $100 for 1-2 pages of poetry; $250 for 3-5 pages and $400 for 6-10 pages.
  • APJ in 2017 introduced a submissions policy with its new guest editor model, where the guest editor/s can organise submission for a number of poets directly each volume.
  • All poems submitted must have been previously unpublished in print and not currently submitted elsewhere.
  • APJ requires that the use of any other work by another author in a submitted poem is clearly acknowledged and cited. The responsibility for this remains with the poet.