The upcoming ‘Australian Poetry Journal 12.1—divergence, relevance’ is due to be released soon, and we welcome all new Subscribers who may wish to be part of our extraordinary community. If you are a former or current Subscriber, please make sure also to renew if needed so you are on the mail list.


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APJ 12.1, guest-edited by Esther Ottaway and Scott-Patrick Mitchell, features new works by more than 50 poets responding to their ‘divergence, relevance’ provocation, along with a wide range of poems by other poets, from new or recent poetry collections and platforms, curated by AP. This showcases the potency and creativity of what is currently being written, performed and published.


We also herald, with great delight, the new design by incoming designer Chris Edwards, whose cover design here works with two original artworks by highly esteemed poet, editor, anthologist and poet Michael Farrell. It is part of a brilliant new-look for the next series of APJ, the national poetry journal, where covers will feature artworks by poets. It is truly exciting for AP to be in this unfurling phase.


APJ 12. 1 back and front cover. Artwork by Michael Farrell

Front cover