MPU Publishing’s new Editor-in-Chief Tina Giannoukos invites submissions for MPU’s Chapbook Poet Series for Published Poets

Submissions are open for MPU’s new chapbook series for published poets for publication in 2020.
Manuscripts will be selected during the submissions period or through solicitations.
MPU is not seeking a specific aesthetic but is seeking innovative poetry.

Poets must have published at least one full collection (a chapbook is not a full collection).
Poets selected for publication are expected to participate in editorial revision.
Poets must be either current financial members of MPU or be willing to take out MPU membership on acceptance of their manuscript ($40 full price or $30 concession).

Submission Dates
Manuscripts will be accepted between April 1 and May 17. 
Manuscripts must be emailed by midnight on May 17. 
Manuscripts received outside this period will not be considered. 

Submission Guidelines
Manuscripts must be 25-30 pages in length. Longer manuscripts will not be considered.
Individual manuscripts as a whole must be unpublished, but individual poems may have been previously published and/or won awards. 
Simultaneous submissions will not be considered. 
Submit only one manuscript per submission period. 
Only submissions via email will be considered.

Manuscript Format
Submit manuscripts in both Word and PDF format.
Use Times New Roman 12pt font, single-spaced (unless using space and font differently).
Begin each poem on a new page. 
Number each page.

Include title page, table of contents, acknowledgements page and bio note (not included in the chapbook page count of 25-30 pages of poetry). In the acknowledgements page, state which poems have been previously published (title of poem) and by whom (name of publication) and/or won awards (name and year of award).

Cover Letter
Include a cover letter with your full name and contact details in the body of your email.
Email entries to MPU Editor-In-Chief: Tina Giannoukos