Submissions are now open for Plumwood Mountain vol 6 no 2 (August 2019) ‘Intersecting Energies: Location, Gender and Climate’.

Is climate change the overarching challenge of our time?

How do location and gender intersect in climate change poetics?

In this issue, Anne Elvey invites poems that consider intersections of climate change with gender and location, both physical place and the way location refers to experiences of race, class, ability and sexuality. What might be anti-colonial, queer, feminist, counter-classist, embodied poetries of climate change? How might the intersecting and sometimes distancing locations of climate change experience and politics be reimagined in resistant and enlivening ecological poetries that recollect embodied locatedness?

The journal is not interested not in didactic poems telling the reader what to think about climate change but in poems that potentially shift the reader’s perspective, that have the capacity to – in Paul Celan’s terms – ‘turn the breath’, in a world where atmosphere (another kind of breath) and much else that depends on it are at stake.

Submissions are open from 15 March 2019 to 1 May 2019.