DEADLINE: midnight, 23 August.

LENGTH: 1-2 poems.

For queries, email Manisha at

The Lifted Brow is now accepting poetry submissions for a special edition on the theme of DIGITAL INTIMACIES.

We are seeking poetry that deconstructs, confronts and experiments with the delicate and pervasive dynamics between humans and technology. Poetic dialogues can be investigative, meditative or playful; ranging from digital rituals to digital languages; from artificial intelligence to the electronic Anthropocene; from futuristic illusions to love and loss in the age of algorithms and cyborgs.

We are looking for works that push the boundaries of experimental electronic literature – poetry that can only exist in the digital realm. We want digital poetry that prioritises form as much as content – think concrete poetry, hypertext poetry, interactive poetry, holographic poetry, code poetry, cybertext, mixed-media poetry and sound poetry.

Submissions will be considered for the online component of the DIGITAL INTIMACIES issue as well as upcoming issues of The Lifted Brow. Contributors will be paid.