Wednesday September 5
6.00 pm 

RMIT Project Space 
23 Cardigan Street, Carlton

Join Ania Walwicz for the launch of her new book, horse (UWA Publishing).

Enter into the world of imaginative writing that crosses over into theories of language and the mind:

A fairytale. Magic horse tells me. I grow a beard. Who is me? Work crosses boundaries between poetics, theory and autobiography. An opera of the self. I am the diva. Dark comedy and terror of psychoanalysis comes to life here. A learning experience. Layered text. I become the Doctor. The composition of the self. The work of memory, charm and play. Doctor Walwicz tells you a trauma. Doctor Freud reads me here. I know everything now and all at once. Fictocriticism. A multilevel text. You can do it too. I analyse me. You can do it to you. A different reading of the self. My diary. I tell you everything here. I open my head. I open my heart. Read me.

Praise for horse:

‘This is a brilliant comic work…a wild horse turned loose in a field where its movements trace a transversal line through the ficto- and the critical so that the two become forces that acting on and through each other, so that there is no question of fencing them off…As this wild horse gallops it also shape-shifts- becomes a nightmare, becomes pony, becomes dream horse or rocking horse or dark horse. With each transformation, genres mix, collide or sometimes collude, and the field itself is reconfigured, and the forces within it are realigned.’

— Professor Anna Gibbs, Western Sydney University


photo by Naomi Herzog