and your pen slashes ahead
like a pain-hungry prince
hacking through
the bramble’s dragon teeth
to the heart’s most longed for
comatose, but ardently ready

Dorothy Porter  (1954 -2008), Australian poet

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Bulletin: Poem of the Month


Sometimes the Hills by Joan Katherine Webster

  Sometimes the hills from my window are just a flat blue wash. Sometimes every tree stands out as light’s fingers part their hair, search strands, grooming. Sometimes with sunset...


Bulletin: Poet-in-residence

Mark Mahemoff

Re-discovering Joseph Ceravolo by Mark Mahemoff

Often poetry is rediscovered as the reader evolves and becomes increasingly ready to understand and/or appreciate it. It can also be a fickle process, dependent on mood and context. A haiku which is brilliantly pithy...


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2014 Newcastle Poetry Prize

Congratulations Debi Hamilton and Anthony Lawrence -- joint winners of the 2014 Newcastle Poetry Prize -- and to Philip Radmall for winning 3rd prize. Local Award winner: Steve Armstrong; Harri Jones Memorial Prize...


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Write (and publish!) what you can’t know

Write (and publish!) what you can’t know Facilitator: P S Cottier November 6, 13, 20 and 27   Ever wanted to write a poem set in the future, or on another planet, featuring aliens, rewriting fairy tales...