Where have you gone? The tide is over you,
The turn of midnight water’s over you,
As Time is over you, and mystery,
And memory, the flood that does not flow.

Kenneth Slessor (1901-1971), Australian poet

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Writing to the Wire anthology

New work which, through intelligent engagement with the issues, deepens the discourse on asylum seekers so as to advance the cause of human rights in Australia, can be sent to the Writing to the Wire anthology editors:...


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Artwork by Gillian Deague, $150

Review: Creative Connections Exhibition

“Six strawb’ries set sail,” is the opening line of poet Peter Rondel’s response to the untitled artwork (no. 40) by Darren Towie. This delightfully whimsical painting, along with fifty seven of its fellows, was...


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Canberra Poets Train 2014 celebrating National Poetry Week

Last weekend a train carried a carriage of fifteen Canberra poets with two devoted fans, to Sydney during National Poetry Week. Over four hours, the poets composed poetry, and were invited to read their work on the...


Bulletin: Competitions and Calls for Submission

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2014 Members’ Anthology submissions now open!

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE Friday 17 October 2014 An annual publication launched in 2012, the Members’ Anthology showcases our members’ poetry from the year gone by.  To celebrate the achievements of our members, a...